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Kidspot. A Spot for Kids of All Ages...
Now, at kidspot, you can win bigger and better prizes! Just hone your skills on the wide selection of games, and win ever more tickets! 

Because, well:  the more tickets you win, the bigger the prize!

We have a wide selection of games.  Games that require timing, eye to hand coordination, and just plain luck.  They're easy to get a hang of, and kids will just 'get it' right away!

But most of all, kids just take to it because they can have so much fun, while earning tickets towards a big prize!

Prize Dispenser

Pick your prize from the automatic Prize Dispenser.  Just "feed" it with your tickets!  It counts up the tickets for you, and tells you how much you've earned. 

Now comes the time to pick your prize!  Be aware of how many tickets you have.  Look at each window and make a note of the required tickets for each prize. 


For most of the smaller prizes

Pick out the prize you want amongst the racks.  Now, just press a button to rotate the motorized rack until the prize you want is up front.  Then, press the button to drop it into the chute!

For the bigger prizes

Just press the button to unlock the door to one of the bigger windows.


The Prize Table

And occasionally, we will bring out our 'prize table' with even more prizes for you to choose from.






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