Redemption Games

Starting at only $0.25

Rhythm Games

Starting at $1 a Play

Fighting Games

Starting at $0.50 a Play, $0.25 to continue.

Racing Games

eSpot has Richmond`s largest collection of imported racing games, including:

  • Initial D 8
  • Wangan Maximum Tune 3
  • Wangan Maximum Tune 5
  • Battle Gear 4
  • Mario Kart Arcade GP

Rhythm Games

eSpot is home to the best rhythm gaming in Canada.

  • Beatmania IIDX Sirius
  • GuitaFreaks V7 & DrumMaina V7
  • Beatmania IIDX Cannonballers
  • Dance Evolution Arcade
  • Reflec Beat Limelight
  • Jubeat Clan
  • Nostalgia
  • Dance Dance Revolution Supernova
  • Pop’n Music Usaneko
  • Gitadora XG (Drum and Guitar)
  • Museca 1+1/2
  • Groove Coaster 3

Redemption Games

eSpot has all sort of fun ticket redemption games for people of all ages!  The more you play the more tickets you win.  Tickets won are good for all sort of irresistible prizes from candies, small toys, stationaries, cool backpack, … to 4 feet long huge stuffy of popular cartoon character.   We are also home to over 20 different claw machines, giving you the chance to win!  There is always something for you to walk out with.

Prize Claws

eSpot has over 10 prize claw machines with a constantly changing variety of prizes that are sure to suit anyone’s liking!

Capsule Machines

Wide selection of irresistible capsule prize range from $1.00 to $4.00 with hot Japanese figurine, popular building blocks toys, cute plush toys, pins, pendants, …. and many more collectable items.   They made perfect gifts for yourself as well as your love ones.