8181 Cambie Rd., Richmond, BC

Arcade Games

All-day, everyday.

$ 1
Starting Price,
Per Person, Per Game

Enjoy ESPOT’s collection of imported games from abroad, including some unique machines you’ll find nowhere else in Canada.

Our Games Include:

• BeatMania IIDX BistroVer
• Pop’n Music PEACE
• Wacca
• Ongeki
• Tekken 7
• Blazblue Continuum Shift
• Initial D Infinity Stage
• Wangan Maximum Tune 5DX+

Redemption Games

All-day, everyday.

$ 0
Starting Price,
Per Person, Per Game

Espot is home to Richmond’s Largest collection of claw machines, ticket redemption games, and other games where you can earn prizes just for playing!

Redemption Games Include:

• Space Invaders Frenzy
• Jumpin Jackpot
• Monster Drop Extreme